The Sticks Club is a community of like minded creatives, purists, beginners and gear heads. From people who are brand new to the sport to people who have been playing their entire lives. We all have one thing in common. The love of the game. 

The Sticks Club gave us a chance to be creative. Our journey began with a simple desire to create products that we as golfers wanted. It allows us to spend time and energy on the things we love. 

That’s all we can ask for in life. 

So where did the name “The Sticks Club” come from? Well every golfer at some point will end up in the trees. A place some of us spend more time than others. We grew up playing parkland munis and referred to our golf clubs as “sticks”. So we decided on “The Sticks Club” because it felt natural, and it was familiar. That was reason enough.

Our community is open, inclusive, fun and educational. If you got this far, we’d love to have you. See you on the first tee. Play fast and have fun.